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05-09-2014 / 28-09-2014

SBK bezocht deze zomer eindexamenpresentaties van verschillende Nederlandse kunstacademies op zoek naar aanstormend talent. In de vierdelige expositiereeks, SPROUTS, die van september tot en met december 2014 plaatsvindt, presenteert SBK haar selectie.

In SPROUTS #1, de eerste uit de vierdelige expositiereeks, presenteert SBK werk van de talentvolle 'graduates' Mathilde van Wijnen, werk op papier (Minerva Academie) Aili Zhang, installaties (Frank Mohr Instituut) & Kim Dijkstra, fotografie (Gerrit Rietveld Academie).


Francoise Magrangeas - 826062 - Meng\/doek - 91 x 78 cm
Francoise Magrangeas - L&m layla 2 2006 - 826062 - Meng\/doek - 91 x 78 cm
Mattijs van den Bosch - CS5002 - Acryl\/doek - 150 x 200 cm
Mattijs van den Bosch - Zonder titel 2000 - CS5002 - Acryl\/doek - 150 x 200 cm

Kim Dijkstra

I am a storyteller that likes to create a myth out of reality. By making photographic works, video and installations I show a reality that seems inconceivable, but is actually really happening and consists of elements that are true to what they promise. To find these myth, I like to take up the the role of an explorer. Observing and reporting back to homebase.

My photographic style is inspired by romantic landscape photographers like Ansel Easton Adams, and cinematography in films of Andrei Tarkovski and Akira Kurosawa. I find it important to explore a contemporary view on imagery. What makes the difference between a beautiful image that touches the heart, and an advertisement, to beautiful to be true? I think the answer is found in pureness of intention and respect for reality. The difference is to be experienced in the heart.

Coming from a culture where ideas often seem to be more important than reality, I feel the urge to step out and look at what is really out there. What I find is often more exiting than what I’ve been told.


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