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30/06/2021 - 26/07/2021 @ Arti et amicitiae

The Sprouts@Arti exhibition at the Arti et Amicitiae artists' society is the starting signal for a collaboration between Arti and SBK.

Over the next five years, Arti will continue the Sprouts exhibitions that SBK organizes every year. This year the first edition with a mix of old and new work by the artists who participated in SBK Sprouts Young Talents in 2019. Arti offers graduated artists a platform and a membership to the Amsterdam artists' association. SBK has been organizing the retrospective exhibition SBK Sprouts Young Talents since 2014, in which it shows work by the best graduates of the Dutch art academies. With this stage, SBK wants to offer young talent a springboard and make the first steps in their artistic practice easier by bringing them to the attention of a large audience and relevant players within the art world. The first Sprouts@Arti provides an up-to-date picture of the world of young artists. Intimate perspectives on the body are shared with us, we see artists as researchers of form and space, humorous critiques of social relationships, personal reactions to digital techniques and reflections on landscape and nature. Several short video films will be shown during the opening. The Sprouts, who live and work scattered across the Netherlands and Europe, may consider  Arti  as their Amsterdam home base in the coming years. Alumni evenings are organized with opportunities for lectures, meetings and discussions and the opportunity to exhibit. Arti is happy to share the experience and knowledge that is present among members, artists, art-loving members and employees of Arti, and the Sprouts will surprise Arti with new ideas. They will be offered a reduced membership for the next five years. Arti  is known for the stately Berlage interior and the large Breitner, but is also a location where young, challenging and critical art is given all the space it needs. For a visit to Sprouts@Arti, we recommend making a reservation in advance by telephone (from 12 noon on working days: (020) 624 51 34, option society). You can also try to make a reservation on site, but reservations made by telephone take precedence and full = full. Artwork above: Søren Nellemann, Lucky Outcast, 2021, 100x120cm, acrylic on canvas