SBK Art voucher, art as a present


Highlight your favorite interior style with art

Trends reflect our way of life, what we find important and they determine our choices. Every year we keep a close eye on style trends and we incorporate these in to this with our exhibitions and new purchases.

According to the Amsterdam Style Institute, no matter how different we are, we can be divided into five types based on our choices and needs, wishes and preferences. Our interior and our clothing reflect, among other things, who we are. And by choosing art, we bring something very personal in our homes, something unique. Art moves, makes you happy, gives you new insights, keeps you sharp, intrigues or gives peace of mind, just what you and your family members or your company and your employees and customers need to function properly.

Trends determine our personal choices

When renting or buying art for your home or business, be inspired by the five themes of 2020/2021, launched by the Amsterdam Style Institute. We have selected works of art from our online art collection that match these trends perfectly. Take a look at the trends below and be inspired.