SBK Art voucher, art as a present


The level of your subscription depends on the value of the artworks you rent. While renting, you build up collection credit which ultimately allows you to purchase art from the SBK collection.

The overview of rates below shows the subscription for each value of artwork and how much you build up in collection credit each month.

Renting and saving up in one go

For example, with a subscription of € 6.95 per month, € 4.50 goes to your personal collection credit. With a monthly subscription of € 13.90 this will be € 9.00 et cetera.

It is also possible to rent art without building up collection credit.
The monthly amount is then € 5.95 per artwork value of € 500.
For € 5.95 you can rent one or more works of art up to € 500; for € 11.90 up to € 1,000; for € 17.85 to € 1,500 and so on.