SBK Art voucher, art as a present

How does art rental work?

Do you want to upgrade your interior with art, but you don’t know how to get started? At SBK you have unique art in your home in an easy and accessible way. You can buy something, but you can also rent it just as easily. At SBK you can choose from a very wide and varied collection of professional visual artists. This way you will always find a work of art that suits you.

Always suitable for your wallet

Art is available for everyone in all price ranges. You already have access to our extensive collection of artworks for € 6.95 per month, which are all for rent and for sale. The rates for borrowing art depend on the value of the selected work(s). Go to our rates.

Rent, save and buy art!

You build up a personal collection credit with part of the subscription fee. Once you have found the work of art of your dreams, you can buy it with this collection credit that you have built up while borrowing.

You can use collection credit to purchase art from the lending collection, but also as a down payment (up to 25%) for a work of art from one of our galleries.

Rent art as long as you want

You can rent a work of art for as long as you want. In a manner of speaking, until you have saved it up. But if you are tired of the work of art, you simply exchange it. Ideal if your taste in art changes or if you are moving or living together, for example.

Renting works of art on consignment via SBK Gallery

SBK is an art library and gallery. The gallery has works of art on consignment; these works are not owned by us and that is why different loan rates and conditions apply there than for the art rental collection.

You can read which rates apply to works of art from the gallery collection.