SBK Art voucher, art as a present

100% art 0% interest

Because we think it is important to make owning art widely available, our art buyers do not have to pay the total amount at once; you may take out an interest-free loan. With us you can choose from two attractive payment schemes: our own payment scheme or the KunstKoop scheme of the Mondriaan Fund. You pay for a work in monthly installments, but in the meantime it is already in your home.

Payment scheme via SBK

If you would like to buy a work of art (of at least € 100) through the installment scheme of SBK, you pay 10%, and then you repay the rest of the amount monthly with € 50, or a multitude thereof, in up to 3 years without interest.

Example: when purchasing a work of € 1000 you pay € 100 (10%) and the rest you repay with € 50 per month in 18 months.

Benefit for SBK customers

If you already rent art from SBK and have built up collection credit, you’re at an advantage if you want to purchase a work from one of the SBK galleries. You can then pay 25% of the purchase amount (from € 100) with your collection credit.

Example: when purchasing a work of art worth € 1000 € 250 (25%) can be paid with collection credit. Artworks from the art rental collection may of course be purchased with 100% collection credit.

KunstKoop scheme

You can also purchase work at SBK through the attractive KunstKoop scheme of the Mondriaan Fund. Here, you do not need to make a down payment when concluding the purchase agreement (but it is possible) and you repay the rest of the amount every month over a maximum of 3 years, without interest. The Mondriaan Fund reimburses the interest for the loan directly to the bank: 100% art | 0% interest. On the website of KunstKoop you will find a handy calculator.

The KunstKoop is partly made possible by Santander Consumer Finance Benelux.