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Donate and anbi

Support Stichting Beeldende Kunst (SBK) and receive from tax benefits

Donations of all sizes are welcome. The Visual Arts Foundation can use your support particularly well for purchases, restoration, exhibitions and educational projects.

SBK is an independent philanthropic not-for-profit foundation without subsidy, which transcends private interests. SBK supports artists and offers private individuals the opportunity to bring art into their homes in an attractive way.

Fiscally attractive

SBK is recognized as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (Cultural ANBI). This makes it fiscally attractive for you to support SBK. As an SBK participant, you can also donate your collection credit to SBK. Gifts and donations to organizations with an ANBI status are tax deductible.

Information and report about SBK for ANBI.

25% extra deduction for donations possible

Because SBK has the status of Cultural ANBI, a 25% extra deduction for donations is possible. Up to 75% of the donation is then tax-deductible (up to a maximum, see text below) and you can get up to 65% of your donation back through the tax authorities (depending on your personal tax situation).

More information can be found at the tax authorities or at our Amsterdam Sloterdijk office, which you can reach at or by telephone (020) 632 54 92.

Tax-friendly gifting

The recognition of Stichting Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam as Cultural ANBI means that the foundation is a recognized charity. This provides two tax advantages.

Firstly, the donation may give you a tax advantage as a donor. In principle, you can deduct a donation to an ANBI from income tax (note the minimum and maximum amount, see “threshold amount” at or corporation tax. From 2012, you may increase your donation by 25% if your deductible item concerns a donation to a Cultural ANBI. This increase holds a maximum of € 1,250 per year.