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SBK Core Collection

Collected with guts

The core collection is the pillar of our entire collection. The works of art that are part of this form the qualitative highlights. Our core works are made by artists who have become (inter)national and regional names within the art world. Their works also form a quality measure for the purchase of new work by a new generation of artists.

Start of a quest

In 2018 we started the search for these ‘highlights’ in the depots and on the shelves of our branches. Many works of art have once again passed through our hands, being viewed and assessed.

Artwork on the right: Mustafa Maluka

What makes a work of art a core collection piece?

A work of art does not just end up in the SBK core collection. Such a work must radiate guts, have quality and occupy a special distinctive place in the collection.

A core collection piece does not belong to a dime, but stands out because of, for example, the use of materials, subject or theme. We also looked for the stories behind these works of art and/or behind the artist who made them.

Artwork on the left: Lilly van de Stokker

Different sub-collections

1. Artistic

These are works of art with international or national value. These can be works that are included in interesting collections or works that form a key position within the oeuvre of a certain artist. Examples are the works by Claudy Jongstra, Ernst Olaf (see photo artwork on the right), Lilly van de Stokker and Mustafa Maluka.

2. Cultural

These are works of art with a more regional or local character. They include those by the artist Theo Niermeijer, a well-known artist in Amsterdam who makes work of high artistic quality, but has not made a national breakthrough yet. The Dordrecht painters, who form a separate group within regional contemporary painting, also belong to this cultural sub-collection.

3. The Special Few

You will certainly not find these in any other collection. We include works that do not play any role in art history, but which do have a high level of curiosity, such as ‘The tabernacle’ by Ernest Laeven (see artwork on the left).

Would you also like to bring a special work of art into your home?

The works of art from the core collection are not for sale, but as a person you can rent them. This way you can have a special work of art at home to enjoy for a while. We also sometimes lend artworks from our core collection for a photo shoot or film location, for example. See our online collection under the heading CORE COLLECTION.

Artwork on the right: Berend Strik