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SBK prizes awarded for the 6th time


During the well-attended opening of the SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2019 exhibition on 13 October in Loods 6 in Amsterdam on the KNSM island, the SBK Sprouts Young Talent Award and the SBK - Otto Hetterscheid Stimulation Prize were awarded for the third year.

The two-member jury, Reyn van der Lugt, art collector and former director of the Groninger Museum and Laurie Cluitmans, curator of contemporary art at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, and the SBK artistic team selected two artists this year as the winner of the SBK Young Talent Award: Iriée Zamblé and Tibor Dieters. They were seen from a line-up of 31 young artists who had just graduated, from a selection of Dutch art academies, as the 'most promising talents' of their generation. The SBK-Otto Hetterscheid Incentive Award went to Stella Hyunji Kim. This last prize, which was awarded by Patricia Fijnman and Hanneke Leemans on behalf of the Otto Hetterscheid Foundation, is an incentive prize for young artists. All three prize winners earn a solo exhibition at one of the SBK galleries. The Otto Hetterscheid Foundation is also purchasing a work by Stella Hyunji Kim. Changing the standard perception of the streetscape About the work of Iriée Zamblé, the jury said: “We were touched by this series of expressive and colorful portraits. This painter zooms in on everyday life, the passers-by on the street, in the supermarket, perhaps at the bus stop. With the telling title The default series, however, she also focuses on a change in the standard perception of that street scene. With her own bicultural background, she offers a non-white perspective. People of color become the standard here, not the exception.” Surprising in shape and aesthetics About Tibor Dieters: “The artist sends parcels to various galleries in the Netherlands. Pinhole cameras are located in the boxes. The movement of the boxes generates images that appear random, are surprising, but also have an aesthetic quality in themselves to have. By returning to one of the first photography techniques, he playfully relinquishes authority and asks questions about form and aesthetics.” Living history The jury of the Otto Hetterscheid Foundation said of Hyunji Kim: “Stella's work as presented here is inspired by an important event in the life of this young artist and her parents. The family home burned down completely last year. Hyunji Kim has succeeded in a special way in transforming this event into landscapes of memory, both two- and three-dimensional, in which fire and transience, construction and deconstruction are important themes. She completely controls the apparently everyday materials she uses; the precision interventions provide the work with a threatening beauty and bring history to life. From their lost world, domestic objects such as beds and curtains form a new reality in their damaged form. Kim's work gives us insight into the skills and dedication of this young talent, from whom we will certainly hear more in the future.”