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SBK Awards to Wumen Ghua and Nona Mooij


During the opening of the SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2021 exhibition on 6 October in Loods 6, Amsterdam, the SBK prizes were awarded to Wumen Ghua and Nona Mooij.

Jury members Hanne Hagenaars (curator, curator, exhibition maker and writer) and Alexander Ramselaar (business economist, financial advisor cultural sector) and the SBK artistic team chose Wumen Ghua as the winner of the SBK Young Talent Award 2021. See photo above. The SBK-Otto Hetterscheid Incentive Award went to Nona Mooij. The latter prize, awarded by the Otto Hetterscheid Foundation, is an incentive prize for young artists. Both prize winners earn a solo exhibition at one of the SBK galleries. The Otto Hetterscheid Foundation is also purchasing a work by Nona Mooij. Jury members Hanne Hagenaars and Alexander Ramselaar about Wumen Ghua: 'Her work immediately caught our eye and that image stayed with us the most: work that you also know will project itself onto your retina the next morning, crawling under the skin. The paint seems roughly painted on rough canvas, it is also rough but it comes to life: when you stand in front of it you see a beautiful moving landscape of white surfaces and dark streams. In the middle a green figure that floats and yet stands firmly. We feel that the artist is present in the painting, the work has a soul. The series of small works is also special, both in their depiction and presentation. Works that don't give themselves up completely and probably never will.'   The jury report of the Otto Hetterscheid Foundation about Nona Mooij: 'Nona Mooij is born and raised in Amsterdam; for her art education she moved to the HKU in Utrecht, known for its good painters. Nona paints on a small scale. Her cloths exude warmth and intimacy and are based on happy, special and personal moments from her own life. In each work she seeks a balance between the representation and the way of painting. She omits details, abstracts and leaves a lot of space to the viewer for their own exploration. The viewer's interpretation is therefore an important element, bringing the work even closer. Alternately modest, expressive, abstract, atmospheric, enigmatic and poetic. The Otto Hetterscheid Foundation characterizes her work as personal and very unique, but with great universal eloquence.'