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Louise te Poele | Slice me nice

25/01/2020 - 07/03/2020 @ SBK Breda

During the Breda Culture Night, the exhibition 'Slice me nice' opens at SBK Breda with work by the Arnhem artist Louise te Poele.

Te Poele investigates the light and the compositions of the old masters and then gives them a completely personal twist. Despite the sometimes wonderful compositions and chemical color schemes, her works are immediately recognizable as a continuation of a painterly tradition. The exhibition can be seen until March 7, but you can only experience Louise's work during the Cultuurnacht with the performance The turn down service specially developed by her. Do not miss it! The turn down service If you visit a chic hotel, there is often the turn down service, curtains are closed for you, there is soap or a sugary sweet candy on your pillow and your bed is opened. An extremely nice - but also a bit redundant service to provide you with a fantastic night's sleep. My turn down service performance is aimed at offering visitors a fantastic viewing experience. The performers do everything they can to make you watch as pleasant as possible. Distracting thoughts are made short work, hasty associations are quickly swept into the trash and unnecessary stress is sucked out of you. So that you can enjoy the works of art unhindered. Listen to the interview with Louise te Poele in Border Sounds.