SBK Art voucher, art as a present

Long live the Atelier!

13/05/2020 - 10/06/2020 @ Online uitleenexpositie

In the SBK art collection we have selected some examples of works of art with studio and work spaces. They often look like puzzles and the clutter and chaos you see is part of a creative process.

'Art is what an artist does, just sitting around in his studio?' said Bruce Nauman about his studio in the 1960s. He confirmed this by making video recordings in his studio of bouncing a ball or playing one note on a violin for minutes. With these video works he questioned the meaning of the studio. Does everything that takes place in a studio immediately become a work of art? Probably not, but that the studio is a special and intriguing space, that's for sure. The inscrutable process of creation of art takes place in that space. Even studio visits or photos of the studio, which show that the artist is a 'normal' person, cannot dispel the myth of the studio.The Italian artist Giorgio Morandi had enough with his small studio in Bologna full of pots and vases. "One can travel all over the world and still see nothing." Now that traveling will be more difficult in the near future and we still avoid the places where people are too close to each other, artists are diving into their studios and producing new works of art. Due to their urge to show their perspective on the world or perhaps sometimes to create an ideal world, they are more creative than ever.All these works of art are available for loan and sale.