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Christmas show at SBK Breda

14/12/2021 - 15/01/2022 @ SBK Breda

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” During the last weeks of December, SBK Breda presents a surprising and colorful exhibition with work by the best-selling artists of the past year.

This exhibition includes wall sculptures by Tonneke Sengers and Joris Kuipers, ceramics by Barbara Pikavet combined with smaller paintings by Paul Smulders and work by Ageeth Boermans and Gertjan Scholte-Albers. Joris Kuipers  Kuipers' reliefs are produced with a lasercut technique, which creates an identical shape and composition. The work immediately demands your attention and amazes with the subtle contrasts and myriad shades of a bold yet harmonious color palette. Kuipers made new wearables and wall reliefs for this Christmas show. Tonneke Sengers  Sengers works with minimal resources: lines, grids and squares. The aluminum squares are provided with depth and placed against the wall as if they were cupboards or boxes. The openwork material allows the wall behind and the space between the two to play an important role. The wall sculptures are on display in Breda for the first time. Barbara Pikavet The love with which Pikavet shapes her characters is clearly visible; she gives her sculptures a soul. They make the glaze themselves, as do the pigments. For the ceramic sculptures she uses all kinds of clay from white, red, brown to black. Her work leaves room for the viewer. Paul Smulders Without a preconceived plan, Smulders is guided by his painting material. He works with various types of paint, inks and lacquers, which he allows to interact with each other as if it were in an alchemical process. By allowing the dyes to interact freely, something is created that largely takes place as an unpredictable process. Ageeth Boermans Forced by the lockdown restrictions, Boermans was looking for new strategies to make work: in the immediate vicinity, in nature. In this way, she rediscovered the Mastbos in Breda during the corona pandemic. Boermans records her daily running practice in this series of paintings. Gertjan Scholte-Albers Scholte-Albers paints 'en plein air'. By applying contemporary techniques and insights, he manages to produce a far from old-fashioned view of nature. Some works are a conversion of perception into photo negative: shades of green turn into popping magenta and splashing orange.