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Higher Animal

01/09/2018 - 31/10/2018 @ SBK Dordrecht

On Saturday September 1, 2018, SBK Dordrecht will open the exhibition 'Higher Animal' by a selection of graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy, with Irma van Doornmalen, Puck Litaay, Perrine Philomeen, Lana Prins and Caio Vita.

'Higher Animal' covers the overarching theme within the final exhibitions of these young artists. All work around a modern view of humanity in which themes such as alienation, reality versus fiction and modernization are discussed. Irma van Doornmalen (NL) always works at the interface between different disciplines. The installation  'II VACUUM' represents the idea of ​​alienation. She elaborates this on the basis of a sculpture of herself and the phenomenon of vacuum. Puck Litaay (NL) graduated with the film 'A Death in the Family' in which he sketches a dystopian vision of the future in which the role of media and hyper-personalization has repercussions on human interaction in the form of alienation. Perrine Philomeen (NL) wants to increase the attention for the hijab in the fashion world. With her designs she responds to the needs of the hijabistas who see the hijab as a means of empowerment and fashionable expression. Perrine shows this development in her photo series 'Hijab in transition'. In her final exhibition 'Blurring the Reality and Fiction', Lana Prins (NL) creates intimate and poetic images of everyday life. By not displaying everything directly, she leaves room for imagination and plays with the concepts of fiction and reality. Caio Vita (BR) makes interdisciplinary work that focuses on the impact of technology on society as well as on visual culture. In his graduation work 'Imprecisely Human' he conducts research into 'Computer Vision' systems that analyze visual data on the basis of an installation. The vernissage is jointly with the festive opening of the renovated building of SBK Dordrecht in collaboration with Het Magazijn, a combination of restaurant, stores, art library and gallery.

Lana Prins
Still of the video for VACUUM
Irma van Doornmalen
Perrine Philomeen
A Death in the Family
Puck Litaay
Imprecisely Human
Caio Vita