SBK Art voucher, art as a present

Full service concept

Customized art advice

Our full-service concept is an all-in concept, in which we offer the entire process, including art advice, transport, furnishing and insurance, for a fixed low all-in rate.

We put together a tailor-made collection based on your wishes. In addition to your wishes, we take into account the budget and the (desired) company identity. We bring the artworks to the location and set it up. Quotations are made to measure and rates are determined in consultation.

Modular track

Our full-service concept is modular, where you determine the service level you want.

Instead of the all-in route, you can also choose to do things yourself to a greater or lesser extent; for example, to be advised by one of our art advisers, but to arrange the transport and furnishing yourself. Or choose the art yourself and let us take care of the transport and furnishing.

Special wishes, everything is possible

If desired, we can realize various art projects within your company, such as a pop-up art loan, internal exhibition or the development of exclusive business gifts.