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Summer red and Autumn blue

05/09/2018 - 17/10/2018 @ Online uitleenexpositie

Loan exhibition inspired by the 'Indian Summer' and the transition from late summer to autumn. †

"Meet me in the Indian Summer" sang the Northern Irish singer and musician Van Morrison. And to the sound of the American DJ Jai Wolf, 'Indian Summer' is applauded on the dance floor in sound rhythms in such a way that the dynamics are obvious. † † When it comes to late summer and autumn, there is a lot that appeals to the imagination. It is the colours, temperatures, morning and evening lights, smells, and especially the discoloration of nature that remind us of what has been. And what's to come. 'Summer red and autumn blue' shows art that links one season to the next. The exhibition is an ode to the Indian Summer, the great natural wonder that explodes in all colors of the rainbow.