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Summer expo: Realism

15/07/2018 - 25/07/2018 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

Realism is a movement in postmodern painting and sculpture from the 1960s and 1970s. In this figurative style, reality is represented in the most realistic and neutral way possible.

At the moment, works of art in this style are again in the spotlight and large museums such as the Kunsthal in Rotterdam attract large numbers of visitors with an exhibition of 'hyper-realistic' sculptures. We have selected a number of works from our extensive art loan collection by artists such as Pauline Hille, Cor Groenenberg, Reinier Berendsen and Aart van Beusekom who were inspired by realism. Come and take a look at our gallery and admire the 'lifelike' works of art. And if the illusion seems too real: touch is allowed! Careful then.