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Voyage, Voyage: from Erwin Olaf to Jan van Deene

23/08/2019 - 03/11/2019 @ SBK Dordrecht

This late summer, SBK Dordrecht will take you on a journey with work by leading artists such as Erwin Olaf, Christie van der Haak and Jan van Deene.

The pine trees behind the dunes sway gently in the Mediterranean breeze. In the cheerful atmosphere of summer, a melancholy woman muses about the tragedy of her existence. While in a feverish dream you become acquainted with strange dolls and dancing colors, the memories of the orderly Dutch landscape put you back on the ground. Bam! a boxing glove slams hard against the jaw of a stranger; let's get out of here for a bit before things get out of hand. Having recovered from the shock and with a sparkling glass of water, the tension ebbs away again. A Moroccan gentleman calmly and proudly shows his audience a work of art – or is it a commodity? – after all, the waves of the harbor are not far away.
From a painting by “the first fully abstract Dutch painter” from 1940 to a photograph by “one of the most important photographers of the last quarter of the 20th century”. Under the theme Voyage, Voyage ("Travelling, Traveling")  this exhibition offers a unique cross-section through the rich collection of SBK.