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(Un)Locked: Art in isolation

20/11/2020 - 24/01/2021 @ SBK Breda

The corona crisis makes 2020 a year that we will not soon forget. In March, life suddenly comes to a standstill.

Discomfort, fear, insecurity, loneliness and loss, sum up in just a few words what the current Covid-19 pandemic is doing to us. Daily routines fall away and old patterns are released. The new situation forces people to take a closer look at their lives and to focus more on what really matters. There is more attention to the small things and the immediate environment is rediscovered and more appreciated. At the same time, it is a period in which other possibilities and new opportunities are sought. Solitaire becomes solidarity Although being an artist is often a solitary activity, artists are also experiencing changes in their lives and work as a result of the lockdown. Curator Ruth de Vos selected ten Breda artists for the exhibition (Un)Locked for Stedelijk Museum Breda and asked them during the lockdown to document their experiences and explain personal circumstances in a way that suits them. At SBK Breda, the satellite exhibition surrounding the exhibition can be seen with work by Judith Kuijpers, Ageeth Boermans en Wiesje Peels & Trijntje Keiser. The selected Breda artists depict their experiences during this special period and thus the experiences of many. They document events in society or record their personal circumstances. Forced by the lockdown restrictions, they are looking for new strategies to make work: in their immediate environment, in nature, with alternative media or methods. The internet is becoming the place to relate to others through art. The diversity of the work shown in (Un)Locked makes it possible for everyone to recognize something in it. In this way, the exhibition also proves how important art is, especially now - to share, to connect and to find comfort in.