SBK Art voucher, art as a present


15/11/2018 - 25/11/2018 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

With the Traces project, old works of art are given new life and we offer young artists an extra stage and the opportunity to be involved in a unique sustainable project in which they are challenged to work in a different way.

After artists participate in a Sprouts exhibition, SBK continues to follow and collaborate with them. We present these artists at art fairs such as the KunstRAI and the Affordable Art Fair, organize exhibitions in the various SBK galleries and sell their work to companies and individuals. Every year during Sprouts, too, attention is paid to Sprouts participants from previous years. This year we asked ten artists to create new work with works of art from the 'forgotten collection' made available by SBK, works of art that can no longer be lent or sold due to irreparable damage. We asked the artists to appropriate the works of art in their own way or to be inspired by the work. This gives the works a second life as a 'collage element'. It is striking how clearly the signature of the artists remains visible in the new work. The public can see this with their own eyes in this exhibition that will be on view during Sprouts. The Sporen works hang next to recent work by the artists. Participating artists are: Yara de Kok, Eva Kreuger, Romee van Oers, Manju Sharma, Emma Smids, Jef Stapel, Huub Vlemmings, Liza van Vliet, Timothy Voges and Amanda van Wijk.