SBK Art voucher, art as a present

Sophie Walraven

29/10/2020 - 29/11/2020 @ Online expositie

De schilderijen van Sophie Walraven ogen jong, helder en kleurrijk. Het zijn ongecompliceerde schilderijen die prettig zijn om naar te kijken, of het nu gaat om de mok boven een tafel, de Spaanse keuken of een bosje tulpen. Ze vangt haar voorwerpen in duidelijke lijnen en in warme kleuren.Als je de keukens ziet , zou je er in willen staan en de deur van het fornuis willen openen.  

Artist statement Sophie Walraven:

‘The start of my life was one with too many rough experiences for a little kid. I developed strange ways to survive: I pretended to be just fine, I acted unbreakable and smiled.
Although I’m not bothered by my past anymore, these ways became a part of me and ooze through in my work. I am highly positive but also deeply hate injustice and everything that’s fake and dishonest.
That is exactly what my work is about, I show the happy side, I chase true joy and energy and at the same time vulnerability and honesty. It is very double. But art is easily unmasked when it is not sincere. My work is about reality and the fragile bright side.

I want to be able to paint or draw everything that the eye can see, in my handwriting. It must be clear to the observer what it is that I see when I view the world around me. When I draw a chair for example, my goal is to draw my chair, the way I see it in my handwriting, in a way that my soul oozes through the drawn chair. You will see me. Simple and without finery or ‘opsmuk’. And on top of that, I think a work is only of good quality if it gets better the more you look at it.’