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Seet of Wood & Linda Nieuwstad | floristry

19/01/2019 - 02/03/2019 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

Seet van Hout and Linda Nieuwstad have both been inspired by flowers for years and both use textiles and other materials.

Enter the wonderful world of botanics and become fascinated by the flowery results of Van Hout en Nieuwstad. About Seet van Hout (Nijmegen, 1957) For years, Seet van Hout has been making work that depicts the diversity of form, color and meaning of the flower world. Paintings created by van Hout's method of pouring and dripping the paint onto the horizontal canvas. By using different consistencies of paint, transparent and opaque fields that form connections, paintings are created that are composed of organic, colorful and lively figures that refer to the plant world. This long-running (since 2001) series of paintings and works on paper is entitled 'Blumenschijn'. Means 'sigh' in German 'cultivation of flowers', in Dutch 'sigh' has the more poetic meaning of a deep longing. Subsequent series such as 'Red Greenhouse' and 'Building the Garden' continue on this theme. New flowers are created in her Greenhouse from engravings of flowers and plants from old alchemy and botanic books. Paintings embroidered with red thread form the basis of this series of works, where the paint almost accidentally runs between the embroidery threads, germinating wonderful mixtures of new flowers. About Linda Nieuwstad Linda Nieuwstad's flowers are gigantic. Forget-me-nots the size of breakfast plates, roses the size of truck tires and daffodils you can walk under. She started making large-sized flowers when she visited a museum in the Netherlands filled with flower still lifes by masters from the 17th century. Since then, she dreams of living in such a still life. About 10 years ago Linda Nieuwstad did a master's degree in autonomous visual arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. When her fellow students visited contemporary visual art exhibitions, Linda went to the Prinsenhof in Delft to view the 17th century paintings by Jan van Huysum. At the time, she didn't realize that her visit would have such a big impact on her life. She was completely blown away by the precision with which the flowers had been painted. The flowers seemed freshly picked and the insects seemed to fly off the canvas. She carefully studied every detail in the paintings and received multiple warnings from the museum guards for getting her nose too close to the canvas. She dreamed of stepping into the cloths and smelling the roses, touching the hairy stems of the daffodil, and taking a nap under a hollyhock. On that day a dream was born and since then Linda Nieuwstad has been making gigantic flowers. Nieuwstad's artworks can be found at trade fairs and events and in photo reports from fashion and home living magazines, such as Elle Decoration, WOTH, etc.