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Seet van Hout and Lieve Rutte

23/03/2019 - 04/05/2019 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

A colorful exhibition with works on canvas by Seet van Hout and sculptures by Lieve Rutte. The paintings are inspired by botanical motifs and the images resemble totem poles or stacks.

SETS OF WOOD For years, Seet van Hout has been making work that depicts the diversity of the flower world in terms of form, color and meaning. The paintings are created by pouring and dripping the paint onto the horizontal canvas. She uses the different consistencies of the paint, combining transparent and opaque paint in such a way that they form connections with each other. This results in paintings that are composed of organic, colorful and lively figures and that refer to the plant world. Since 2001 she has been working on a series of paintings and works on paper entitled 'Bloemenschijn'. In German 'sigh' simply means 'cultivation of flowers', but in Dutch 'sigh' has a more poetic meaning of deep desire. Subsequent series such as 'Red Greenhouse' and 'Building the Garden' continue on this theme. The engravings of flowers and plants from old Alchemy and Botany books form the basis for new flowers in her Greenhouse. Paintings embroidered with red thread form the basis of this series of works, in which the paint almost accidentally runs between the embroidery threads, germinating wonderful mixtures of new flowers. DEAR RUTTE Lieve Rutte's work is all about wonder. A tactile, sensual world is created in a visual and intuitive way in which different types of textures and structures meet. The alluring and enchanting character of an image is of great importance to her. The colorful images she creates resemble totem poles or piles, which it seems that they could be blown over by a tiny whiff of wind. This is an important element in the work. 'The sculpture has to twist a bit, it has to be exciting.' Searching for this tension, she engages in a childlike game during the making process, in which she stacks towers with her blocks (cut from polystyrene foam). The ultimate goal is to find balance. Lieve's presentations offer a fresh and open insight into what an image can be and how it can have a direct effect on the viewer. The research into skin, along sugar-sweet, organic and brightly colored surfaces forms the background for her process. Through a personal fascination for material and structure, imaginative sculptures emerge as a seductive and tangible world, full of opportunities for innovation and rediscovery.