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Eveline Braak & Richard Price

06/06/2021 - 11/07/2021 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

In this duo exhibition, the abstract paintings by Eveline Braak and the colorful sculptures by glass artist Richard Price enter into an exciting relationship.

Richard is a very gifted glass artist and his work can be seen at home and abroad. The originally British artist lives in the Netherlands and Thailand, which also seeps through in his work. Themes in his work are human figures, animals, nature and culture. Finissage: Sunday 11 July 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (in the presence of the artists) Playful and simple shapes are central to Eveline Braak's paintings. In the abstract compositions, the shapes and colors enter into a relationship with each other. She paints them on the large canvas with strong colors and self-conscious brushstrokes. Yet her work is layered and carefully constructed, with a rough edge here and there. In addition to paint, she also uses collage in the small canvases, which gives a layered and playful effect. Since last year she has been working with graphic techniques. This translation provides new inspiration and possibilities in her search for balance and tension. The possibilities are endless.