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09/09/2018 - 14/10/2018 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

From September 9 to October 14, Galerie 1 Amsterdam KNSM will present work by Martha Scheeren Eva Roovers and Daniël Mullen.

The work of Eva Roovers, Martha Scheeren and Daniël Mullen is characterized by sparkling, vibrating colours, in which you can visualize everything. It can be sounds or tastes or structures…. Each of these artists investigates what color and form do to the viewer's experience.Daniel MullenMullen (1985, Glasgow, Scotland) graduated in 2011 with a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Mullen has exhibited internationally; London, Vancouver, New York and most recently his first museum show in Berlin. His work is present in notable private and corporate collections. By applying paint to raw canvas with a wristband, Mullen succeeds in creating layered images, constantly pushing the boundaries of perception. Interested in the concept of 'monoliths' and architectural imaginations, Mullen has long been concerned with the visual power and intensity of depth and light when in contact with a flat surface.Synesthesia Mullen's husband, American artist and filmmaker Lucy Engelman has Synesthesia, a phenomenon best described as a blending of two or more senses. This phenomenon allows her to taste colors, smell sounds, and even experience verbal data as a spectrum of vibrant colors. Mullen decided to translate her complex sensory world into a special set of works of art. The works, entitled 'A Different Kind of Time: Sequencing Spatial Temporal Synesthesia', each contain a series of flat rectangular shapes arranged in different arcs and lines. The angle of the shapes is interchanged in each work, some aligned with only one side facing the audience, while others seem to project straight through the canvas or recede into the rotated plane of the painting. Engelman explains that the works are the best visual approach to what she experiences, especially in relation to the translation of her thoughts into letters, numbers and time.Martha ScheerenMartha Scheeren (1958) studied from 1976 to 1981 at the Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht. After completing her art education, she trained as a teacher of art history and drawing from 1981 to 1984. Scheeren currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Color and light; these two words come to mind when you see Scheeren's work. Her creations, which contain beautiful, bright colors and can color and illuminate an entire space, can be counted as abstract expressionist art. With her oeuvre, Scheeren wants to portray color as an optical phenomenon - as a property of light. She believes that all colors 'behave'. When colors come close, relationships are created, says Scheeren. You have strengths and weak tones, and each color has its own characteristic. There are colors that supplant or use other nuances, while some colors support each other. Directed by Scheeren, the colors in her works interfere endlessly with each other.