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Ray Zijlstra

09/04/2021 - 13/06/2021 @ SBK Galerie 23 Hedendaagse Afrikaanse Kunst KNSM

Ray Zijlstra (Aruba, 1966) gave a nice interview about his artistry and his work to ArchitectenPunt Interieur last month. Reason enough for Galerie 23 to draw attention to its textile works again.

Zijlstra made an installation of textile-related work especially for Galerie 23 entitled '.......: ... not who you want me to be. I am each of them. The works are diverse in nature, made of silk, wool or copper wire, on duct tape and paper or photo. These works, together with a projected performance, formed an installation entitled  '.......: ... not who you want me to be. I am each of them' which was shown in gallery 23 in October 2020. You can see the textile works of art in this online exhibition and immediately reserve them for sale. SBK customers who have built up a collection credit during the loan can pay 25% of the purchase amount with collection credit when purchasing a work of art from one of the galleries. Artworks from the SBK collection can be purchased entirely with collection credit. Read more here about the installation  '.......: ... not who you want me to be. I am each of them