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01/01/2020 - 30/04/2021 @ Trends

Do you long for an environment, far away from the hectic pace, in which you can concentrate and relax?

With this trend you bring nature inside in all its purity. This involves simplicity, soft round shapes, sustainable and honest materials with clear structures such as jute, rattan, pine bark, earthenware, marble, cork, textile and wood.Minimalism, but with a twist. No strict perfectionism and design, but a choice for carefully and attentively handmade products or rough and partly unprocessed objects and materials. Also called 'wild minimalism', this style challenges you to experience beauty in the combination of a soft and mysterious nature-based color palette with the raw aesthetic of the imperfect. This creates a harmonious, aesthetic interior that calms the mind and at the same time inspires and encourages spirituality.Color scheme for this trend: in addition to off-white and light powder colours, there are also dark shades, such as anthracite, midnight blue, dark green and brown.All works of art that fit this trend can be borrowed or purchased from us, on installment or with collection credit. Curious about this trend in general? Take a look at our mood board: trend Pure Spiritual on Pinterest< /a>.