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27/07/2018 - 26/08/2017 @ SBK Galerie 23 Hedendaagse Afrikaanse Kunst KNSM

This summer Galerie 23 has a mini exhibition for you with new and old works from our own stock.

Artworks by Guy Wouéte (Cameroon/Belgium) can be admired and Surinamese artist Sunil Puljhun recently supplied a number of canvases that have never been shown to us before. This summer you can also enjoy works of art by George Struikelblok (Suriname) and Abdelaziz Lkhattaf (Morocco). Guy Wouete  “For me, art is not an end in itself but an opportunity to honestly look at and criticize the era in which we live. My daily practice consists of transcribing the emotions and ideas that surround humanity.” Guy Wouéte Guy Wouéte  was born in Douala in 1980 and lives and works in Douala, Cameroon and Antwerp in Belgium. A painter, sculptor and video artist, embracing installation and photography, Guy Wouéte  has been trained in visual arts and multimedia during various workshops and residencies, both in Africa and Europe. Guy Wouéte 's oeuvre always includes elements of social criticism and the issues of immigration in the age of globalization; daily reality is his source of inspiration. His works can be seen in galleries, biennials and museums. Sunil Puljhun “With my art I want to make people think about important and relevant social issues. In the past I only painted things that I liked, but as you grow and mature, personally and as an artist, you start to see things differently; you begin to look over the surface. Life is not all about pleasant and beautiful things. For years I have focused on human nature and its effect on society as a whole. Until recently, subjects such as war, greed, self-centered personal gratification, man's hunger for power, poverty and abuse were the main theme in my art. These works were mostly dark, executed in charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in mainly black and gray tones, combined with collage techniques. My subjects were either dark, indistinct silhouettes or photographs of people, often children, with strong emotional expressions. Sometimes I add words and certain symbolism to flesh out the theme. Important in almost every composition is a bright white mass that seems to radiate an ominous threat or source of evil. It is often painted as a ray from the bottom of the work up to the subject, implying in many cases a negative energy emanating from a source of evil....and the evil can come from many sources and the direction can vary. In most cases the cause of misery and evil is humanity itself and unfortunately too often the victims are innocent, especially children. In that sense, my work is about the grief, fear, abuse and violence that often lurks beneath the surface, but are undeniably part of many people's lives today.”