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01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020 @ Trends

If you are looking for a striking and sparkling interior - a bit nineties - with daring color combinations, different prints and remarkable materials: let yourself be inspired by Maximum Glam.

This trend is all about contrast, glamor and high-tech. Combinations of glass, plastic, fake marble and textures as diverse as velvet, faux fur, high-tech materials and knits, with bright patterns, even fluorescent, glittering and reflective here and there, make you feel the energy flowing through your veins: a very personal, expressive, extravagant, positive and dynamic style. Color palette for this trend: mother-of-pearl, silver, marsh sand orange, purple, pink, green and blue tones. All works of art that fit this trend can be borrowed or purchased from us, on installment or with collection credit. Curious about this trend in general? Take a look at our mood board: trend Maximum Glam on Pinterest .