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LOADED: Wall of Fame

30/05/2014 - 22/06/2014 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

SBK presents LOADED: Wall of Fame: a selection of photos by recently graduated photographic talents from the Amsterdam Photo Academy.

From Friday 30 May to Tuesday 3 June 2014, new photographic talent was on display during the graduation exhibition of the Amsterdam Photo Academy in Loods 6. The exhibition, under the name LOADED, was successfully opened last Friday 30 May. SBK will be showing a Wall of Fame for the next 2 weeks: a selection of photos of a number of recently graduated talents. The participating photographers are: Anne Beentjes, Astrid Huis, Bob Siers, Cindy Baar, Etienne Scheeper, Fauve Bouwman, Femke Berkhout, Jean-Luc Truijens, Joris van der Ploeg, Jorrit Timmermans, Marjolein Blom, Mark Welagen, Petra van Velzen, Saskia Kok, Suzanna Kuhuparuw, Thomas Touw, Wil van de Ven and Loek Buter. The exhibition shows work in various photographic disciplines: portrait, documentary, fashion, landscape, illustrative and autonomous.

Wil van de Ven
Astrid Huis
Fauve Bouwman
Jean-Luc Truijens
Joris van der Ploeg
Marjolein Blom
Petra van Velzen
Suzanna Kuhuparuw
Thomas Touw