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01/09/2018 - 06/10/2018 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

Group exhibition on the theme of flowers and plants. Photography by Louise te Poele, paintings by Wil Jansen and plant design objects by 'Sproutje'.

WILL JANSEN Wil Jansen uses motifs from nature in her oil paintings as a starting point for her research into the fundamental aspects of painting. In the first place a search for form and colour, the special properties of oil paint, for patterns, rhythm and regularity, structures and the special paint skin. The examination may result in colored or non-colored surfaces, lines, dots, stripes, cracks or craters. Explicitly showing the way the paint has been applied, namely in repetitive thick layers of paint with the palette knife, is essential in her paintings. The paintings are not an expressive reflection of an emotional feeling, nor are they abstract compositions that are conceived from ratio. The painting process is a repetitive application and removal of the paint in movements, shapes and structures that seem to go on endlessly. Sometimes in apparent chaos, sometimes clearly structured. LOUISE TE POELE: ACID FLOWERS Drooping stems, dripping flower water. Where splendor and exuberance reign supreme in traditional flower painting, there is a feeling of melancholy here. There is also something wrong with the colours. Look at those pink stems. And do blue tulips and roses actually exist? No, not naturally, which is one of the reasons why this bouquet has such a strange appearance. Louise te Poele (Winterswijk, 1984) investigates the light and compositions of the old masters and then gives them a completely individual twist. Her studio is located in a former military hospital. In addition to her workshop, it is home to a wonderful collection of objects. The treasures and rarities that she picks up here and there form the ingredients of her still lifes. Despite the sometimes wonderful compositions and chemical color schemes, her works are immediately recognizable as a continuation of a painterly tradition. Louise te Poele lives and works in Arnhem, where she graduated in 2008 from the Fine Art department at ArtEZ in Arnhem. A much acclaimed series of portraits of rural people in the Achterhoek, the region where she grew up, followed: Farmers. Her work is shown from Paris and New York to Hong Kong, Berlin and Istanbul and is included in the collection of Museum Arnhem, among others. BRUSSEL SPROUT Spruitje is a design lab founded by the Dutch designer and dreamer Jonael van der Sloot. In collaboration with his team and other designers, Spruitje is looking for ways to provide a stage for natural elements. Inspired by science fiction, retro futurism and of course nature itself. They develop products with which they hope to inspire you to take a closer look at the world around you. A nice video in which Jonael tells more about the origin of Brussels sprouts: 

Spruitje Plant design
Spruitje Plant design