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Emile van der Kruk | Branches

10/11/2018 - 05/01/2019 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

This exhibition mainly shows the wooden and bronze sculptures by Van der Kruk.

Among the woods, poplar is his favorite. He seems to 'liberate' the statues from the tree with a chainsaw. This results in a basic and rough shape that is finished with only a little paint. As a result, the details of the material remain pure and easily recognizable. Van der Kruk makes use of effects from painting such as perspective, shadowing and color in a sober, but accurate way. In a subtle way, apparently accidental gaps have been built into the coarse surface of the image, allowing the viewer to complete the image with their own projection. By combining different points of view and views within an image, the wood skin comes to life. The images are 'materially' strongly present, but nevertheless each image has a quiet psychological charge that leans against Jung's ideas. He provides many images with a chair, sofa or table as a reference to psychoanalysis. Not infrequently, famous works from art history serve as a source of inspiration and themes by, for example, Munch, Kirchner, Soutine, Beckmann, Bacon and Beuys are given their own twist. Writers such as Transtromer, Per Olaf Enquist, Becket and Scandinavian literature form an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He himself describes his work as "sober, unruly, figurative chainsaw images with dramatic effects from painting. Images that break the boundary between yourself and your tormented fellow human beings".