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A look in the kitchen

17/04/2020 - 05/05/2020 @ Online expositie

Recipe for today: -an empty wall in the kitchen -a piece or some works of art (your favorites of course!) -a few brackets

And you can make your own kitchen art wall in no time! Success assured! And are you still short of some works of art? Then view this selection that we have made for you.Inspiration for art in the kitchen Art stimulates your creativity. Maybe you can create a place where your whole family wants to spend more time with art in the (living) kitchen, for example to do homework, do crafts or play games. SBK has many beautiful works of art in the collection that have food or drink as their subject. The kitchen is a great place to add a comic note to your interior. 4 tips for decorating your kitchen with art The kitchens in most Dutch houses do not have much free wall space. If you want to hang art in the kitchen, you have to think carefully about how you make the work stand out.High ceilings Do you live in a house with a high ceiling? Chances are that your kitchen cabinets do not cover the entire wall. A good place for a larger piece of art is above those cabinets. It's a subtle way to incorporate art into your shelves Decorative wall shelves or open shelving units are a great place for small paintings or sculptures. You get the inspiration for art in your kitchen from your passions, your hobbies or your favorite food. If you are a real vegetarian, a beautiful still life with, for example, a vegetable or fruit basket is an excellent choice. Or how about a set table with a checkered tablecloth?Contrasting If you have a neutral, calm kitchen with large, similarly colored surfaces, it is very nice to choose a painting that provides a significant contrast with the interior of your kitchen.Open kitchen If you have an open kitchen, you can extend the style of your living room to your kitchen. Choose art in the same color tones and in the same genre. In this way you involve the kitchen with the rest of your living room and the total space seems even larger.