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Danielle van Broekhoven

03/03/2021 - 18/04/2021 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

It's finally here! After a long lockdown we can open again. To celebrate this, we have organized a beautiful exhibition by Daniëlle van Broekhoven (Tilburg, 1975) with paintings inspired by nature.

During walks at home and abroad, Daniëlle constantly acquires impressions that could be painted. She photographs these or stores them in her memory. Once in the studio, the photos evoke images. These first image memories are often still very elusive. Without preliminary studies or sketches, she starts an intuitive painting process. “I also put the photos taken to the side, because I try to let go of everything I have seen and trust my gut feeling. My 'seeing' slowly pulls me through the painting process and completely own 'landscapes' arise. Sometimes recognizable, but often not.” No end result in mind, just a sense of colors 'wanting' and keys that need to be put. The strength of her works rests on the interaction between herself and the painting in the making. Painting is freeing herself from the images she observed and making room for her own imagination. While experimenting with paint and other materials, memories surface, but the action in the studio, the dialogue between her and the works that arise at that moment, is always more intense. The paint is applied to the canvas in color areas and lanes. Painting in this phase is very intuitive, active and physical. While painting in layers, the canvas is alternately laid out and upright. Large puddles of acrylic paint are poured over oil paint. Parts are (again) polished away, other parts are highlighted and emphasized by a new layer of paint. “The colors I choose know more than I do at that moment! It's very intuitive at this stage. Thinking back to the images I have saved, I see movements, surfaces and light-dark divisions.” In her paintings, Van Broekhoven shares a fascination for ENERGY on the one hand and the REST that she also finds in nature on the other. Standing still and paying attention, but also coincidence and spontaneity are things she strives for in her works. There is a certain audacity in the handwriting and touch, a determination in the selection and treatment of her materials in the strikingly powerful gestures with which she applies the paint. Without being completely aware of it, she brings those characteristics together in paintings that in the end are always "bursting with energy and harmony." Van Broekhoven lives and works in the Gelderland village of Well.