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Daniel Lemmer: No Soy Nada

28/11/2020 - 28/02/2021 @ SBK Galerie 23 Hedendaagse Afrikaanse Kunst KNSM

The Surinamese artist Daniël Lemmer shows his works of art for the first time in the Netherlands. In Suriname he already has several successful exhibitions to his name, where he exhibits his drawings and paintings, while doing performance art.

Lemmer sees himself as a multidisciplinary artist who arrives at his images and performances very intuitively. 'No Soy Nada'  shows Lemmer's most recent drawings and paintings and the first of his performance on video, TAMARA, which he made especially for Galerie 23. Performance art by SanDan, produced by Sanne & Daniel Lemmer, filmed & edited by Jomara Roletti. Location: New Amsterdam & Marienburg, Suriname. Due to the lockdown, you can only see this exhibition online at the moment. The works of art can be immediately reserved for sale via our gallery system. SBK customers who have built up collection credit during the loan period can pay 25% of the purchase amount with collection credit when purchasing a work of art from one of the galleries. Daniel Lemmer about his work: "My work is based upon the surrealist reality. The current worldly idolation states a mind less concerned and more ambient. These works were made in an unconscious state of mind. There is no thematic process or analytical approach. My work is free for any interpretation or perspective. I solely sore in clouds when I create my visual work."

Daniel Lemmer