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Book Week 2020 | Rebels & cross thinkers

06/03/2020 - 17/03/2020 @ Online uitleenexpositie

Our online exhibition is inspired by this 85th Book Week, which this year is all about those who enlarge our imagination: the rebels and cross-thinkers. Here is a small selection of some rebellious works from our collection, of course for loan and for sale.

The theme of the book week 2020 is Rebels & Cross thinkers. This theme is tailor-made for the founder of SBK, artist Pieter Kooistra. His cross-thinking has driven him to continue where others had already given up. Result: SBK turns 65 this year and has introduced thousands of people to art and has provided households with art. And if you are near our establishment on the KNSM-laan, take a look at our neighbors immediately !.