SBK Art voucher, art as a present

Anneke Hendrikx

16/03/2019 - 27/04/2019 @ SBK Breda

For Anneke Hendrikx, the act of painting is just as important as the outcome.

She makes her inks and paints herself and research into them is an essential part of her work. She obtains dyes from plants collected and cultivated herself, which she experiments with in her paintings. Hendrikx does not make images, but works intuitively in which the chosen material and a consistent working method result in a completely new image. Bringing together ink and paints on paper and linen is a surprising game of flowing and solidifying, mixing and repelling, dominating and undergoing, melting and disintegrating. In Hendrikx's paintings, action, material and image come together in an inseparable and natural way. Opening: Saturday, March 16, 15:00 in the presence of the artist