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Martha Scheeren

20/10/2018 - 24/11/2018 @ SBK Amsterdam KNSM

Martha Scheeren's work is about color and light. With her oeuvre she wants to portray color as an optical phenomenon - as a property of light. Colors that vibrate, making it seem as if the works themselves are the source of the light.

Martha Scheeren (1958) studied from 1976 to 1981 at the Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht. After completing her art education, she trained as a teacher of art history and drawing from 1981 to 1984. Scheeren currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Ge van Steenbergen about the work of Martha Scheeren: The connection and relationship between color and light is the perpetual subject in Martha Scheeren's work. Martha Scheeren makes use of the 'behaviours' that colors possess in her work. As soon as colors get close to each other, they form mutual relationships. In combination, colors interfere endlessly with each other and allow themselves to be used. Controlling and manipulating color on the one hand, and on the other hand, are central to Scheeren's views on painting. She achieves this by means of nuances in thickness or thinning of the paint layer, allowing the surface to show through, or by effects caused by the direction of the brush stroke at the edges of surfaces or where surfaces meet. The surfaces appear to have been painted. to be in one color; however, 'one color polychromes' are more likely to arise. But the work is not finished if the colors cannot shine. The colors should vibrate, so that the paintings behave as if they themselves are the source of all light.