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23/01/2015 - 21/03/2015 @ SBK Breda

Erwin Thomasse, Maartje Folkeringa, SPIELEREI (Johan Moorman) and Mike Moonen

Named after the film Strange Days (1995) and the song of the same name by The Doors from which the film derived its title, SBK Breda presents the exhibition Strange Days. In the film, Lenny Nero, a former police detective, is a data disc dealer. These discs contain recordings of memories and emotions. He sells disks with all kinds of experiences, be it muggings or making out. His girlfriend has left him and he hopes to win her back. In the meantime, he spins his large collection of data disks with memories of her. The work of the artists in Strange Days is distinguished by the use of communicative visual language. The use of elements from, for example, religion, science or advertising, creates unexpected associations and new images. This appeals to the emotion rather than the intellect of the spectator. Thus  Erwin Thomasse sees occult messages in a remarkable angle. His drawings, collages and assemblages consist of almost maniacal actions on the one hand and 'easy' but ingenious interventions on the other. The symbolic trophies of  Maartje Folkeringa revere appearances and finery. They are in awe of prestige that never materializes and give emotion to impersonal and industrial materials such as acrylic and aluminum. The spatial worlds of  Johan Moorman (SPIELEREI)  are reminiscent of retro computer games, the work of the graphic artist Escher, or illustrations from old Lego catalogues. His graphics and murals are always topped with an Anti-Design sauce, but at the same time stylish in choice of color, lines and design language. Mike Moonen plays with clumsiness and banality. And seeks the confrontation with these concepts; also in the visual arts: The associations evoked by his simple digital MS Paint scribbles are subverted in an animation with a big wink. Strange eyes fill strange rooms Voices will signal their tired end The hostess is grinning Her guests sleep from sinning Hear me talk or sin And you know this is it Yes! (Strange Days - The Doors, 1967)