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Salon des Refuses | SummerExpo

13/06/2015 - 11/07/2015 @ SBK Breda

During the preliminary round of the Summer Expo 2015 in the Koepelhal Tilburg on April 18, SBK looked over the shoulders of the jury and selected work by 13 different artists for the Salon des Refusés at SBK Breda:Theresa Blommerde, Tamme de Boer, Anne Vincent Dijkstra, Serpil Kalak, Eva Kasbergen, Pauline Koehorst, Ruben Philipsen, Patricia Ramaer, Joris Ringers, Sandra Schuurmans, Anna Marie van Thiel de Vries and Joel Vega.

With the Salons, ZomerExpo harks back to the very first Salon des Refusés, which took place in Paris in 1863. Works by Manet, Whistler and Cézanne were not admitted to the prestigious Salon des Indépendents at the time. The Salon des Refusés developed from an alternative into an institution. The rejected works from then hang in the most prominent museums of today. The alternative exhibitions will be held at three different locations, parallel to the final exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. The choice for the Salons also takes place during the preliminary rounds. Participants will be informed about this on the spot. This year the Salons in Amsterdam are at SBK Amsterdam KNSM and Breda at SBK Breda.