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Rogier Arents x New Window: One Window #1

05/09/2015 - 24/09/2015 @ SBK Breda

New Window is a platform that provides insight into the making process of art and design. New work is being developed in collaboration with artists and designers, the creation of which is shared with the public.

For the One Window #1 project, New Window invited three artists to create new work, all of which were given the same starting point: one silkscreen frame of 140×100 cm. ‘A sequence of operations’ – New Window × Rogier Arents (part of One Window #1) One of these 3 artists is Rogier Arents. He is active in the border area of ​​art, design and science. Drawings, films, installations and products arise from the fascination for science, among other things. The interaction between digital and analog is also a recurring theme. In 2012 he graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. “My compositions are based on close-ups of gradient prints I made earlier, and computer generated images (CGI) in which I used algorithms. For NEW WINDOW I used a systematic method of screen printing, which I developed during my artist–in–residence project at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht Eindhoven. In this process I use 3 colors: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow; each print run gets one coat of each color. By printing the above primary colors over each other, the colors purple, green, red and black are also created. Including white, we arrive at 8 colors in total. I assume a square print, so I can rotate the paper 90 degrees at every step and there are 4 different positions possible. I have chosen to work with a pattern of circles (or points). By overlapping small and larger circles, additional graphic details are created. The grid of dots is pasted on the screen printing frame in a composition of round stickers. With every print run I remove the stickers so that more and more ink can pass through the screen onto the carrier, the paper. I repeat this process 5 times, until all stickers are removed. This results in one collection of 50 prints: 'A sequence of operations'. This collection can also be divided into 10 series of 5 prints, which show the course of the work process in a compact form. Of course, each of these 50 unique prints also works well individually. I see every screen print as a still from a movie; part of a larger whole, but also strong on its own.” A number of those series of 5 screen prints will be on display at SBK Breda.