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Nanne Meulendijks – The Wake

26/10/2013 - 30/11/2013 @ SBK Breda

The solo exhibition of the young and talented illustrator, Nanne Meulendijks, from Breda will open during the Breda Strip Festival on 26 and 27 October.

The presentation includes the original works from her graphic novel 'The wake', based on a story by Ronald Giphart. And a first, because although De Wake will not officially be published until November 10, the book will be on sale at SBK Breda | Gallery 48! Publisher Podium writes: “...In the story, a professor and his wife are on a mountain hike in Sweden. But then disaster strikes, and the professor is killed. His club of friends decides to keep an old promise and to hold a vigil for him. Because everything is possible in literature, the professor watches the wake posthumously: 'The closer to death, the less nonsense and waste of time we should allow ourselves. At least, that would have been my conclusion if it had been me who had watched over a friend who died too soon.” Nanne Meulendijks has transformed the story into images in a virtuoso way. In her words: 'The pure feelings of grief, interspersed with sophisticated emotions such as cynicism and jealousy, fascinated me. It was a challenge for me to find exactly the right body language for the characters.' About the preview of this graphic novel that appeared as a New Year's gift, Het Parool wrote: 'Comic and really complementary. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.'