SBK Art voucher, art as a present


01/01/2020 - 30/04/2021 @ Trends

Due to the multicultural society and globalization we are becoming more and more familiar with different traditions, customs, crafts, clothing styles and products: an inexhaustible source.

We can juggle the different styles and weave them into something new. And exactly the latter happens with the Multi-Local trend. Craft and traditional patterns and textiles from around the world are mixed, such as Indonesian batik combined with jacquard knitwear from Fair Isle (the southernmost Shetland Island) and gobelin weave, used for tapestries, with floral velvet. Bringing together patterns, fabrics and techniques from different origins creates a new aesthetic. The textile colors are also part of a wider cultural story: a warm palette of pumpkin orange, red, honey yellow and aqua, with navy blue and pink to cool everything down. All works of art that fit this trend can be borrowed or purchased from us, on installment or with collection credit. Curious about this trend in general? take a look at our mood board:  Multi Local on Pinterest.< /a>