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Arjan van Arendonk

06/06/2014 - 27/07/2014 @ SBK Breda

The work of Arjan van Arendonk (Waalwijk, 1957) starts with the discovery of printed fabrics.

He mainly chooses patterns with exotic flora and fauna as subject. These fabrics form the basis for a research-based interaction between the original textile illustrations and Arendonk's interventions. The idea of ​​real or unreal is reflected in the work in several ways: the original image is covered or accentuated in paint. This highlights subjects or puts the emphasis on patterns or background. Incidentally, Van Arendonk uses paint in the broadest sense of the word: in addition to acrylic paint, possibly supplemented with mediums, colored silicone is a frequently used material. This gives the work such a body that the paintings can nevertheless be regarded as spatial objects. The combination of decorative motifs, sweet use of color and the sauce-like application of paint and sealant results in seductive and attractive paintings. "This is like a pastry", as he himself says about one of the small works from the 'Spring Flowers' series. In collaboration with a company that specializes in detailed 3D scanning technology, he created a series of paintings in an edition where the skin and relief of the original work is minisculely reproduced. The idea of ​​copy versus original literally takes on a new layer when van Arendonk adjusts the printed colors in advance in the computer. Or when he applies new layers of paint on top of the 3D prints.